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Monday, October 03, 2005

blu-ray and hd-dvd at Paramount

It seems that yesterday ( sunday Oct 2) a release went out from Paramount that they will offer and support both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD for their content.

Paramount Pictures is held by Viacom, which makes it's Blu-Ray support more than a little significant... and Toshiba issued an immediate HD-DVD damage control statement on that, which actually served no other purpose than to draw more attention to Paramount's Statement.

Read below my observations on how blu-ray (BD-R) support in Sony Playstation 3's causes the widest spectrum of support for that format to be plenty viable, which is plain english on the practical outcome of plentiful players out there for HDTV owners with Sony Game engines and media centers.

But then again i am a video geek, and ...

There are a few very mission critical details on how blu-ray works for content authentication and encryption for digital rights management, i will express more on that in the next log.
Anyone that edits HD will prefer BD format, and more than likely buy in, anyone with an HDTV will buy a PS3 just to get the value of the HD investment. Blu-Ray is going along for the ride so to speak, all this has momentum that seems to be missing from HD-DVD.

Suffice to say blu-ray 1080 content is without doubt well considered technology built to do its job, and HD-DVD was crafted for interim compatibility and some notion that its cost-per-goods-sold would be better. A year from now that validiation for HD-DVD will seem thin in a lot of ways, bravo Paramount/Viacom for doing your homework.

Update: Warner etc, all followed suit as expected, so content providers for HD are not likely to be this issue for format decisions...


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