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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

HD1080 Screen use

Congrats out to OBAMA and all that it took to make a candidate of both White and Black heritage and DNA, our next president...

And i have to point out that during the final hours, CNN did an amazing job on CNNHD. a Screen full of high def red white and blue for sure, every detail crisp and readable at a distance. The tech they threw at us was great, virtual mapping of 3d comping to camera live was the best i have ever seen on consumer broadcasting production. Some amazing teamwork deserves a medal or something for such a great job of anchor reporting with interactive elements.

That virtual capitol building on the anchordesk and the senate seat display floating up and in front of it was all comping in realtime 3-d matched to moving camera with a clean alpha channel, nice stuff like shadow drop, and all live interactive. Great. Love this for it is what HD should be doing. FOX and all the others claiming to be Americas Election HQ or whatever, totally out performed and outclassed by CNNHD.

To be Fair , MSNBC had a couple nice holodecky tricks using similar tooling and that was great also. thanks for that.

UP next - 1080p120 display tech & why its so great.


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