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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Responding to HD 1080i Questions..

.. a couple comments first. My pages are not quite ready yet and HD1080i.com and this Blog are already #1 for a lot of search results, far more than i expected and industry people should take note, there is a HUGE interest in this, and i'm just not as prolific as Mark Cuban, so i will do a couple at a time.

Q1) What is "HD 1080" ?

A) 1920 x 1080 is the current standard for HD high resolution.

  • the Westinghouse LVM-42w2 - It is a 42" Widescreen LCD Flatpanel.
    Note: it is a monitor only, but chances are that is all you need since you will rely on Cable or Satellite to get most of your HD content, and that is supply-side Set-top DVR box type stuff that comes with the services.

  • http://www.westinghousedigital.com/ use its specs as a reference for 1080p displays.

    Q2) Search words "HD-Ready 1080i" and what is a 1080i input?

    A) I get this and variations on it/lots of it. Usually this question stems from people who are searching for what it all means when they want a flatpanel wide-screen, and then encounter all this new info on what that is. Not suprisingly - when they read HD-Ready, which sounds more like anticipation and promise than it does fact, they get worried and check for more. Rightly so. There are basically 4 types .
    1) DVI (HDCP) this is a digital connection more than capable of handling 1080 resolution.
    2) Component - this is also "YpBrBp" and is a 3 cable RCA connection, analog 1080i
    3) HDMI - a newer and perhaps better connector for HD, this standard will likely prevail.
    4)VGA - a 15pin plug typical of computer monitor cables, will also do 1080 easily, but for this type of use you are in the PC / MediaCenter world and looking at downloaded HD files or WMV-HD.

    S-video and Composite inputs will not do 1080 resolution, they are not HD.

    Just because a display will accept a 1080i input, this does not infer that the display itself has the resolution to display it like the producers intended.

    click for full 1920 x 1080 image

    If a Flat panel widescreen display has the native Resolution of 1366 x 768 then this means it can deliver 1366 pixels wide and 768 pixels high image resolution.

    1366 x 768 is 1 megapixel or half the size of 1920 x 1080 which is 2 megapixels.


    Anonymous Alexander B Scoble said...

    I haven't seen the Westinghouse sets in person, but they do sound interesting. About only thing in its size class that is 1080P and what's even more interesting is that it is currently one of the few sets that accepts a 1080P signal.

    If you want something larger that accepts 1080P, you'll have to wait for the next gen Sony SXRD units plus others. I, personally, don't think it's that big a deal if a set allows 1080P in as long as it does native 1080 resolution and has a good scaler, which the Sony SXRD units have, which is why I went with the 50" SXRD.

    Plus, price point on these keeps dropping. You can get the current model for $3000 or less, although if you don't need a tv right now, wait a little bit for the new ones to come out. MSRP on the next gen 50" Sony SXRD will be $3000. They are due out in the fall.

    12:06 AM  
    Blogger Jeff said...

    THanks - good point. Actually the reason i like Westy 1080p displays is for the Faroudja DCDi in them. This handles the 1080i and lesser resolutions so nicely that everything i play on it looks great.
    .. in fact its too good and now i have to buy a crummier display to review my HD video work on, since the westy will "fix" problems that need to see and correct in authoring, such that what i do looks proper when out there in usual HD land.

    3:56 PM  
    Anonymous Alexander B Scoble said...

    Hmm...not sure about whether the Sony has a Faroudja scaler/deinterlacer in it or what, but from what I can tell whatever is in it is very good.

    Have you seen any of the SXRD units? Just curious...not really comparible to the Westy units as they are quite a bit bigger, but wondering if you've seen them side by side with a "1080" DLP unit that is same size.

    Also, I do plan on getting an Oppo DVD player for DVDs and that has the Faroudja processor in it (along with DCDi). For $200 it beats the pants off of most other DVD players at any price. Based on reviews at Secrets of Home Theater, among other places, about the only player that is better for video is the $3500 Denon DVD player.

    I just wish my TV would get delivered already. The store I bought it from is holding delivery until my Salamander Triple 30 comes in...been 5 weeks already. Hard to wait. :)

    7:49 PM  
    Blogger Jeff said...

    Thanks - yes i have seen the SXRD stuff. I was struck by the dynamic range it had. very nice to look at.

    I may well get an oppo, but for right now i'm building miniplayers that are in the same package as a Mac Mini ( about 7 x 7 x 2 inches ) and the DVI output of that runs a 1080 display. Its cool since i can load it up and fed-ex it to a tradeshow for HD presentations.

    Faroudja DCDi is truely amazing ( Genesis makret integrates it ) basically if the FL2310 chip is in there then you have a great chance of really getting the most from a 1080 system, since it builds a progressive display output. There are other technologies that are younger out there to accomplish the same things, but Faroudja has the firmware that covers the most case-handling of visual situations at this time.

    I look forward to hearing about your personal experience with your new TV !

    10:08 PM  

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