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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IPTV - Mashups and Local Heros.

Gimme my Electro

I have this friend Sarah Hudson, from long ago, i helped here and there with the launch of her first CD on EMI under the S-curve imprint... lateron that basically became Joss Stone's launchpad and S-curve ended when Joss upsigned into the EMI hit roster. Sarah is from a legendary pedigree of music talent, her Dad produces Beatles Ringo Star and some hits here and there, Ozzy is her Godfather etc...name droppings. Her latest incarnation is totally outward and dance audience centric, Glam and thump-bump-and-grind youthful have a good time stuff. http://ultravioletsound.com something i whipped up for her while we build out her new public presence. In there is an appeal for something not done before, i'm editor on this project.

Its a mashup video. You can be on it. We will cut your dancing into some performance video. It will be a national play thing so feel free to potentially embarass yourself infront of a gadzillion future viewers. It has network interest.

HOW? by taking your digital still camera in movie mode, up close and in good lighting straight on - shoot 30 seconds of dancing and singing to her song "Gimme my Electro" - like a Karaoke Queen ready for the big time.

Shoot this against a blank wall please and dont worry about the audio, we will turn you into an Andy Warhol pop-art star with some effects later on. Keep it short, i only allow a max 35 meg upload. Right now i need headshot faces shouting out "Gimme my Electro" - you will be next to some celebs and off the hook people like Perez Hilton, so feel free to have a blue hair day.

To hear the song, upload that file, go here:

This is .. totally in fun, so you must put out fun in your piece, and you just may get 5 seconds of screen time... Here is an old video to get you the feel.


Benefit-centric stuff in Los Angeles, Art & Spielbergs


Some high school kids in the affluent zipcodes of southern california are doing something big. cool. This includes the likes of Sasha Spielberg, progeny of Stephen Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. These kids are talented and if you are in the area, please go in and contribute.

Artwork by Sasha Spielberg

This webpresence and its future gallery are donated by DSMJ / Juldengroup - its all high end and real likeable. The benefit is called Mother and Child - and is lead by Alexa Gray , a very talented and persistent individual who would not take "no" for an answer. Her photoart is the front page of the site right now.

the writeup:

The ARTribe organization is made up of Los Angeles high school students dedicated to raising money for a worthy cause by promoting artwork created by fellow high school students at the Santa Monica Art Studios. On May 11th, ARTribe will be launching the Mother and Child Project, supporting prenatal care in Vietnam and Nepal. Our event will showcase the work of talented local teenagers determined to make a difference in the world through their creativity. Photography, sculpture, film, drawings, and paintings selected by a panel of artists and jurors will be on exhibition. Artwork will be made available for sale at the event and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the S.P.I.R.A.L Foundation. Ticket Price: $10 Other / $20 Adults

I am a Beta Tester for JOOST www.joost.com and this is a development that is fully endorsed by Paramount and Viacom ( Sumner Redstone ) , VIACOM is the same company that is suing the inferior and out-of-control YouTube. ' nuff said, Joost is cool, you tube is well, the gutter, a dumping ground.

I have spent some time on this and I LOVE JOOST. The great thing about VideoIP is that seeing is believing, if you have the bandwidth ( I have FIOS ). JOOST kicks cool onto your screen, much beter than i expected... I Never want to see another fuzzy crummy blocky youtube video ever. I Like BIG and JOOST is 800 Pixels wide, a good start, and it scales to 720p size and up rather well. My normal sized streams are 720x480 DV my Tiret Video, but when i'm editing everything is HD 16:9.

When I see someone else like BrightCove and JOOST doing it right, i want to share it. If you have a nice HD screen at 1280, 1680 or 1920x1080p as one of your online screens, then this JOOST will engage you, it is capable of rather interactive on demand TV, they are building out content libraries now.

Take the Rad Pill NEO...

.. So i get this commenter mentioning something called Neokast, i sign up and check it out. It is in Beta right now. go here - http://www.neokastblog.com/

Downloaded it's player codecs - that part is quick. On the site the player itself doesnt sport anything other than a stop button, so its a very clean presentation chrome. Somehow these Neodudes have found a scaler solution that keeps the blocky behavior of mpeg out of the frame rendering.... and that streams nicely enough to be offered as a live stream source... like action on the scene right now in your face and 720x480 doing it. Its very good, i didnt expect to see that, more typical is the on-demand from archive stuff. I would imagine your basic DVCAM toting wireless equipped shooters should go with this and deliver rather cool stuff, like a "Right-Now.tv" kind of thing. I think 802.11 g or n will handle the source stream, and Neokast stream replication is solid at beta-tester loading.

Neokast definitely is on my watch list for tech to implement later on.


Anonymous seer said...

You should check Neokast or Neokastblog. com. They seem to have a hold of a technology that will make even Joost obsolete.

7:23 AM  

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