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Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year's Resolution = 1080

Regardless of what gets said, 1080 ends up in the buzzwords of choice category for 2007.

Dismal supply-side performance by manufacturers has rather damped the furor and buzz that the media attempted to raise over HD-DVD & Blu-ray value, but in almost all regards, it has emblazened the new term "1080p" into the mindset of the buying public, and if anything, that is good enough for now, as 1080 capable HDTV and HD Displays meet a tolerable price-point.

So its all good right?

Yup, although 1080 ubiquity is still a couple years away, at least it is becoming a known quantity by your middle income buyers, where in the past it was more of a terminology by-product for the consumer who evaluated a purchase mostly by price and physical size of the display width.

One interesting note however is the pending war between Plasma and LCD as competing technologies, at least in the mindset of the manufacturers and distribution chain, with each side claiming better and more quality.

I think the real Technology competition commenced when the SXRD and DLP rear projection 1080 displays got really good, and they are. NowI see the price-point value difference being much more of a choice where 1080 LCD wins for the smaller 32 - 47" screens and Rear projection for larger 50" on up. Just go look at an SXRD and tell me about it, its perfect viewing at any distance from the screen. I want one.

Have a Very 1080 New Year in 2007!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Article!

Qs: Will a 22" LCD capable of displaying 1680 X 1050 show content from a HD Source at 1080i or 720p?

Qs: Why are there 22" 1680 X 1050 LCD screens? Why 40px less than 1080?


7:51 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...


A1: Yes i have 2 1680 x 1050 displays in my setup, and they actually do a nice job on HD content. Its all About the Scaling in both the software and the graphics cards. My experience with WINDVD was not so good, Cyberlink is fine for its scaling, and Windows Media Player 10 and 11 are very good ( watch on how you onstall these though )

My Displays are by LG and my Graphics Cards are nVidia 7600 GT for the 1680 x 1050.

A2: -- not sure where your 40px are, but the 1680 x 1050 size is 16x9 of sorts in a functional VRAM memory size boundary. Its usual for configurable Video chipsets to have r/w memory size management, and for LCD driver chipsets to work with that, pretty much that is why the manufacturing of a specific dot-pitch ( pixel size ) for LCD sets the size of the display

9:24 AM  

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