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Monday, November 13, 2006

HD1080i.com Prelaunch

www.HD1080i.com was created as another evolution of one-network.com as a division of DSMJ LLC to hopefully take a place in the landscape of the HD revolution as a useful resource for a more mass market perspective, less tech , more pictures, more immediately useful info. Proving to myself that getting #1 position with "hd1080i" search word was not just an experiment, it was preparation.

The future of High Definition is complex.

The reasons are many, but the advent of a large screen with high resolution in front of the consumer market eyeballs and hands, provisions a new generation of everything connected to it, and connected is what will happen. This has enormous benefits, since it is all about enabling higher quality consumption in a market space that is defined and qualified by the mere presence of required wealth to posess it. Greetings.

This evolution first requires that you be properly equipped, and then properly connected, and that qill will scribe the initial writings and value of HD1080i.com


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