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Thursday, September 07, 2006

What is The Sony PS3 Really?

OK i have to rant on this a bit, since for me anyhow, the PS3 marketplace arrival, regardless of when it happens, is in-fact a next generation event.

The Ps3 is based on Cell Processor Technology.
This is the technology of the next globally #1 supercomputer.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5322704.stm read if you will.

The thing about games that makes performance is the crunching of lots of data in a repetitive manner, this makes Game rendering unique in that the same little chunks of code run over and over and over the to make your image. In such a world 2 things happen:

1) ... you want multiple processors to run at the same time rather than 1 processor running really fast on only one thing at a time.

2) ... you want ultra fast databus to visual memory transfer speed.

This is why a Fast Computer CPU and Fast Graphics GPU ( Nvidia SLI for example ) matter to a huge extent when you are processing for interactive performance for a lot of pixel space. Perfect for what a cell process technology gets for you, each cell chip consists of eight processors controlled by a master unit that can assign tasks to each member of the processing team. Each cell is capable of 256 billion calculations per second, and exchanges data at that speed.

Basically a multi-cell processing engine like the Ps3 is a piece of a supercomputer.

But there is more.. The PS3 will have one HDMI 1.3 port. The final specs were created June 2006. Why does the 1.3 spec matter? COLOR. On a large 1920x1080 display, color banding from gradients done at 24 bits will cause some banding artifacts. HDMI 1.3 will allow 48 bit color accuracy, for 281,474.9 billion colors. All will handle 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 frames/s through progressive output, in what is commonly referred to as high-definition (HD) 1080p format.
IMHO - not a lot of displays are as good as the HDMI 1.3 spec provides for.
http://neasia.nikkeibp.com/neasia/005020 if you like tech.

The Ps3 is More than a Console.

Its capable of much more than just a game machine, although the initial unit's operating system probably will take time to develop out to the point of exerting the full power of its own hardware. This is also where future improvements can be implemented/ but there is another thing...

The Ps3 runs on on a customized SONY Linux.

Yikes! what's that you say. Geeks around the world are fully aware of linux, but your average Joe could not care less, never heard of it. There is no doubut that a lean mean Linux kernel can do some amazing things, and that by not using a Microsoft Operating System they can keep STD PC virus/trojans out, but we will just have to see how well that all plays out in the long run.
The power of all this means the PS3 can to a lot of things simultaneously, having processing that reads from shared data over a network at high speeds, lots of concurrent Wireless and internet useages. We will see how well the geeks of the gamer world can offer up enhancements that actually work, i can envision a whole class of ps3 add-on markets emerging as a result of interest in performance and functionality, leading of course to version upgrading of the PS3 OS and potential compatibility issues where some users who install a 3rd party TURBO tool of some sort end up having something else not working properly.

The "Phone Home" problem. In my opinion, networkable devices have this issue of power-up and connect to the manufacturer that is both good and bad. A lot of valid marketing purposes can be achieved, but at the same time it makes me worry about how and if i want a PS3 in my home network router. Does anyone have info on that that is real?


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