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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

High Definition DVDs

When will the HD DVD and Blu-ray day finally dawn? ... I mean in the context of having enough of them out there for any of all this to matter? The supply and demand curves here are very very fuzzy blotches on a graph that has been erased and re-drawn too many times already.

Seems Sony and Nichia are still having problems in production of the head assembly components, most notably the Blue Laser diode that it all relies on, causing a trickle of supply to exist in a world that is already commencing to suffer from Hype-fatigue.

The Release date for PS3 Blu-ray for Europe was March 2007 , then that was moved to November 2006 and is now moved back to the original March date. This is kind of falling forward on your ass so-to-speak.

.. so both companies are cutting delivery to 3rd party vendors in order to meet the basic needs of Sony's comittment to shipping a blu-ray player in every PS3, and these vendors are big companies in thier own right, making this essentially a shortage of mission-critical compnents, and Nichia will sue anyone who tries to step in and make these. Hmmm, it seems a shame that such gatekeeping bottlenecks have to exist.

UPdate: The PS3 release for Euro is likely to have all the bugfix firmware for proper 1080 and networked use, so in many ways... the wait may have produced a better outcome.


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