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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thinking out Loud in HD

.. and seeing in great detail.

I get into a lot of interesting discussions. One such discourse evolved to include some real world uses of the incredible accuracy of an HD 1080., and the options available in this digital world.

STD Resolution TV -- you have seen ads with block disclaimers at the end that are totally unreadable, some legal moron obviously thinks that this fuzzy pile of text flashed on the screen of a regular tv for 2 seconds has properly informed me of something, but i'm not sure what that is, i cant read it. In reality, no one can.

But in the HD world there are 2 new major differences that change viewing.
1) you can read lots of small text no problem.
2) most TV remotes for digital HD have a Freeze Frame button.

In one case i was able to freeze and read what the disclaimer block was in an HD ad.
Yikes. I now have no respect for that company or its advertizing now, since buried in the text i read was a phrase " ... presented may have no basis in fact." Meaning essentially the entire ad could well be a total lie. Hmm. This inferrs that all these years of not reading the fuzzy little block of text at the end of most ads was their way of protecting themselves from what happens if i actually believe the ad. SHAME ON YOU lawyers and marketing morons.

Ok - lets use HD for something useful now, using a digital device where the TV is the display.

.... like lets say an encyclopedia Blu-ray DVD in a new PS3 running at hd1080 with embedded video and high resolution zoomable photos and google earth planetary zooms, and have it read the text if i want, and page flip the book right on my screen.

Will that work.. -? Yes.

I tried it in a hybrid Flash tool i have , using full screen flash at 1920x1080 resolution and a wireless mouse on my HD TV, sitting in my comfy chair, moving the mouse on the armrest. ( logitech wireless mouse works at about 25 feet - i could run the thing from anywhere in the room. )

Of ourse i knew it would work , it should be interesting to determine the seek-time of HD DVD and Blu-ray when it comes out with enough tooling to really test this as an option. 25+ gigs of content distribution means that you really could fit a huge amount of very notewrthy text, photo, video, music into such a tactic, as long as it all came up quickly when selected. My Guess is that a regular HD DVD player would be too slow, but the gaming engine of the PS3 would be pretty quick about getting to whatever is needed off a High Def DVD.

However - supply is an issue for all blu lasers....


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