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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

HD and the Sony PS3

I keep reading the pundits view of Sony's PS3 and note that they keep missing the boat.

In a nutshell.

1) PS3 is likely the best Value-added gizmo you can attach to that new widescreen LCD,DLP, Plasma, SXRD whatever flatscreen widescreen you just got.

2) The PS3 is NOT a console. Its a whole system and not just for Blu-ray, but for a ton of FREE connected services to get the most out of that Cable Internet connection you have. Xbox makes you pay to connect and play.

3) Its Cell processor array and GPU engines are super-computer level IBM stuff.

4) A large part of the PS2 sucess was price-point and brute force marketing. For those with shorter term memory problems, please recall that Sony pushed PS2 into up front shelf space everywhere it could, packing stores with dedicated product asiles and racks of games, and advertized in trade and TV with great persistence.

I would expect to see PS3 in the HDTV area of a store, and enterprising merchants even offering PS3/HDTV packages along with the usual Superbowl HDTV Deliver/Install packaging.

Problem though.
The brute-force strong-arm marketing lesson was learned by the competition, it put Sega out of business, and the Dreamcast was quite a good machine in its time. I see very little mass consumer push-points at this point for PS3, and i would expect that to change, and your Best-Buy / Walmarts to have attention grabbing stuff soon.

I see at a ton of wide screen/flatscreens walking out of the local stores every day// big boxes , big smiles... and Sony according to its own numbers cannot make demand levels anywhere near what they should be for these people. If even 5% of them buy a PS3 it will be a run on the stores with lines down the street come christmas shop-time.

You do realize this PS3 runs on Linux operating system, custom for this machine... Linux people are diggers in the dirt of the OS, so i expect wonderful things from our geeks in the wild.


Anonymous Alex Scoble said...

The problem is that the PS3 isn't a good value. It's almost twice as expensive as the XBox 360 and probably won't give one a significant increase in gameplay experience over what the 360 offers.

And the increase won't be seen until there's a decent amount of games which won't happen until at least a year after it's released.

Whereas the 360 has already been out a year at this point and has a decent library of games available for it.

Also the same problem holds for Blu-Ray. It's not worth buying at this point either as there is hardly sufficient media to justify the purchase and no one really knows who's going to come out on top between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

So someone might spend $600 on PS3 thinking they are getting a good value only to find out that they wasted over $200 because Blu-Ray never really realized it's potential.

And the lack of supply will just drive people to buy that other HD capable game system, which is already out there and probably will be readily available in good quantities, the 360.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks Alex, Noted and well put.
Much of this is Wait and See, so we are all in the mode of conjecture, however...

A lack of product in the supply-side in this case may well not satisfy ongoing pent-up demand creating some negative buzz and EBAY price-gouge hoarding and scams.

And if the Games have issues...
Facing the facts, the FPS run and shoot slam and whack games may well not be enough.

But .. some scuttle in the bushes and totally off the wall rumor has it that one of these 1080 games is 3-D with occular polarizing glasses, and its bright on the high end 1080 screens and really jumps out at you, right out of the screen. more rumor is that the Linux in the the dev unit runs dry on cycles and an updated Realtime linux solves that. Apparently the Ps3 can reconfigure and update itself all the way down to OS mods, if you are a registered user, taking some pain out of buying version 1 machines.

6:15 PM  

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