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Monday, April 09, 2007

HD Free over the air, SXRD

# things that are Coming Soon ...

For a mere 99 bucks you can grab HD over the air digital TV, from Plextor, of course its another "coming soon" thing, but this enablement has my interest since its nice and compact and has a high availability price-point. Of course they say "Watch High-Definition TV Anywhere!" when the practical reality is closer to the broadcast antenna is where you have to be, let us say clear line of sight 50 miles is more probable. We will let you know when ours arrives and we tour around New England with it.

SXRD XBR1 - oops, trouble ahead.
So it would seem, the XBR1 display engine for the SXRD 50" on up rear projection Tv's are now in life-cycle testing out there since market introduction years ago. Apparently a Yellow band or green blotch could possibly develop in the system over time... repair under warrany ends at 1 year, so if you have one, go to sonystyle.com and get the 3 year plan. Alex covered it well here: http://www.computerworld.com/blogs/node/5135

1366 resolution screen displaying HD1080i
I still get way too many hits from searchers looking to discover what really happens when a 1080i broadcast arrives into thier 1366 x 768 display, industry take note, you need to explain yourself. I have already done many many post on this: here is one ...

The actual www.HD1080i.com
ok ok ok, i havent launched the site yet and I am still in the process of tuning the CMS that runs it. I will Beta the start page next week and allow membership to people that have a 1920 x 1080 display connected. For everyone else ... HD1080i will launch soon, and have downloads for testing your display ( for those with HD screens connected to your computer).

One good note, i have flash 8 running in full screen 1920 x 1080 so there will be a special area for those of you that are so equipped, to see what i see. It is really is stunning stuff...such things i can do with that definitely sparks the fire of future cool.

There will be a 25mbit server in LA and another in NYC, mostly because my clients are there, but such extra high stuff is required to properly make HD. Not to exclude anyhone too much a 5mbit 720p also will be available for those with 1280 computer screens and flash9 or windows VC-1/wmv9 advanced profile. www.HD1080.net is now and will be a subscriber source for trade screen distribution.


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