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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Analog And Cable Cutoff

So it would seem, the FCC has issued yet another mandate, cable ubiquity being what it is, to sustain analog transmission ( of exactly what... who knows ) untill 2012. This Paves the way for yet more fuzzy definition of when all digital broadcast really fully takes over. The FCC has also not yet fully determined if the 22mhz available band around 700mhz frequency that is freed up by over the air analog switchoff, will in fact get allocated for wireless broadband. Google wants it, Verizon doesnt want them to have it.

In other newness, LG and best buy have struck a deal on some LG brand HD offerings and i say that this is great news, go take a look, there is nothing quite like seeing and believing.

Closer to my livingroom news... NO DAN RATHER because there is NO HDNET on Comcast is now in its 2nd week here at HD1080i and we are just as pissed about that now as ever before. To Unceremoniously pull an HD channel and not even offer it as a paid options is giving us issues. Note that Comcast is part of the ever so happy AOL family. meh. color me underwhelmed with the HD i get here on cable.


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