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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back from a 5 month offsite - Happy spring! - thanks helen for stepping in at moments

I really like Walt Mossberg these days, very even-handed reasoning and experience matters in this world of over-the-top excessive attitude-drivel. Frankly there just is no equivalent to this guy at this time. Well worth the watch on new tech:

Excuse the jaggy playback - WSJ doesnt know how to Video Smooth their flash player. Maybe I will show them how to clean that up sometime...
Replication to HDTV from devices with Internet connections, Boxee, TiVo's new Premier and some laptops ... this category is gaining momentum, and since 5 mbit connections can deliver decent flash and h264 720p that scales well enough... this convergence will continue.

We have an HP Touchsmart 600t ( 1920 x 1080 ) here in the Lab Break Room and it connects to the 60" screen via hdmi - so we have wires ( power and HDMI ) leading from the coffee table to the wall. This is fixable by slicing a groove in the foam under an area rug, but placement of rugs to do this looks awkward and we just live with that.


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