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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HD 1080 Trailers

..and some 720 trailers too.

I really like teaser / trailers because they often contain some choice moments of any work. Even better is to download or stream them and examine a few selected frames. Its my hope that more than a few repeat visitors to this site are equipped with 1920x1080 displays or at least the ability to se a 720p at 1280 pixels across.

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H.264 is the Mpeg4 HD delivery method of Apple's quicktime format, and it uses AAC audio, it is quite good, even when you only get 720p to look at.

Here are some links:

A more complete 1080p download for Quicktime users:

You will need quicktime's latest download to view this if you currently have version 6 or less, Version 7 is required.... bad news is you will be forced to swallow an iTunes download of 32 megs to get it. iTunes will install a ton of stuff, among which is apple DRM and ipod connection listeners. For that reason i am NOT linking the download here, since i think that is a bit over the top. ( I uninstalled Real Player due to their invasive and irritating piggyback download and the impossibly annoying Jukebox and event reminder popups they placed in my system. there still is some jusched junk in my machine leftover from that.)

Logic defect in PC use: Important to note is that the 1080p quicktime will put the controls of apples player off the screen in a way that cannot be seen. DuH - you could hit "Ctrl+Enter" for fullscreen "Ctrl+F" play to get around that, or pulldown the View> "Play All Movies" to start playing.


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