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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IPTV - coming this week

GOOGLE I/O is today - and Adobe, Sony, Intel all have plans for you and it is not 3D.

Convergence is something i have railed on about for years, put that flatscreen to proper use, and YouTube owner GOOGLE is about to release the hounds and commence doing it.

The reason may not be what you think... free TV? , big YouTube videos? Nah... its all about the advertiser, you know the stuff TiVo enabled you to DVR and skip over?

I think this doesnt raise or lower the bar for TV tech and its network opportunity, it widens the bar, the reach, to the point where YOUR cat coughing-up a hairball in 720p home video could well be a hit on IPTV. No Kidding ... this is finally the year.

SKYPE - Facebook - Yahoo - all there, all simple widgetized reasons to explore your inner couchpotato self with all the poeple you have somehow friended. Personally, i want to see more indie rock videos, not made by famous bands, not played by global rockstars, but performed by all those talented people out there that can do noteworthy music and have a pal with an HDCAM.

Panasonic ( which BTW makes very good stuff ) is onto the Skype also.


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