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Monday, July 19, 2010


Intelligence - Spies ... loads of very cool stuff. This is where having HD to see details is the way to see the clues ...

Before you see Rubicon - go here:

AMC RUBICON - perfect timing -Get an insiders look at the presskit EPK
http://amc.ctnhd.com/rubicon ( top secret stuff just for my readers, by yours truly)


So is it possible that some of our intelligence community reports to a shadow new world order government that even they dont know about? Henry Bromell is the eveep on this, and he is brilliant, created this as a fascinating tour through such conjecture, and we agree and love the quality and rendering of AMC in HD, everything you see is related to something, and they promise it will not be "dumbed down".

You all know, i never rave about any shows, its all the tech in this blog... except for this time... Finally TV that doesn't suck. Save the date - Aug 1st, Sunday Night at 8pm on AMCHD.


Blogger Jeff said...

Save the date .. Aug 1 , 8pm , AMCHD presents 2 hours of RUBICON.

This is the thinking man's must see for HD.

2:06 PM  

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