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Saturday, December 31, 2005

HD Widescreen = the big Media Comeback

and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
Prediction becomes reality in 2006

Technology of the past few years has resulted in people hunched in front of personal TV sets or PC's, in kind of an anti-social zombie-lie disconnect with the family environment. Connected means existing in a one-on-one way with a screen ... something distant, rather than sharing the space you are in with the people in it. In order to share experience you need an interface that is very visual, in high detail, and very big. HD TV.

Enter the Media Center
Dont just imagine it, that large screen will be your TV, personal Movie theater, Computer screen, email and all, integrated shopping catalog and most hugely, VIDEO GAME center.
And best of all in my opinion, it will bring family viewing back. I mean really the picture and sound is so good and the HD TV basically commands your attention when its turned on anyhow.
After years of looking at big plasma screens in stores and lusting for such feel of quality and clarity, you will be able to affordably own the screen and its assorted gizmos. Price-points are getting there fast and you should be enabled with this for 2500 bucks on up.

They are:
1) The HD TV 37"-50"( 1920 x 1080 native resolution )
2) Sony PS3 Video Game Center with Blu-ray DVD player
3) Digital Set-top 1080i TV tuner with recorder
4) Wireless keyboard and mouse.
5) Some 5.1 surround sound with nice subwoofer.

WHY is this possible?

Because it is more than just a TV Screen. At 1920 x 1080 resolution and digital connectivity, you have a huge crisp bright and readable across the room computer monitor. You watch a TV show that sends you with a click to a properly enabled website that will fill your screen with high-res and very interactive detailed images of the new CAR or fashion item you want to see and buy, online of course, and this will all feel right for a change. It takes an All Digital world to get you there, but it will happen. I will help you with all that in the coming weeks... Keep your eye on Scripps networks like HGTV and Food Network, Fine Living. Smart people & my kind of Cool. It makes your basic couch potato into a whole new person that actually is informed and connected.

... and of course the best part is the HD Video Game Ps3 engine will blow you away with visuals that will make everything seem like new fun again, and for everyone... It will play HD Movies with the quality that gets you your bang-for-the-buck in true accurate high definition experiences.

There is no doubt someone near you will get this setup going, you will visit and see ... pick your jaw up off the floor, and go buy this stuff ... Your wife, kids, everyone will get into that Must-Have gimme-gimme mode... since the impact of it all is so damn obvious and in your face that it cannot be dismissed, and is is undeniably cool.

I know - i have all that except the Ps3 and HD movies on Blu-ray, and you know it, i will buy when it comes available. I shoot HD video so i'm already getting the kids antics in HD ( along with other stuff of course )

Look up ED Digital, they get it and they will network it.
Definitely see this clip i assembled for Christine at: http://cfpprod.com/media/
All about the details on such stuff will be in www.HD1080i.com soon ... This future is at our doorstep now, and a lot of people will make a pile of money and its not just an early-adopter tech thing, it is a go to the store and bring it home - and kick some ass kind of thing.... have a great 2006