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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The High Definition DVD

Well... at last we have release dates for High Definition DVD's in both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats. For some, this is news and for others it is anticipation fatigue, and for everyone with an HD TV or 1080 resolution screen, its time to look into your wallet.

Sony-Samsung says it's Blu-ray release date is May 23rd.

Toshiba et. al. says it's HD-DVD release date is March 28th.

People with 1080 resolutions that buy into the High Definition DVD will now be able to see what they paid for if they fork over the bucks for the players, which will range from $600 low-end HD-DVD to $1000 and up for BD (blu-ray).

It is still my opinion that only the well-off early adopter will spend the cash for a player of High Definition DVD, and that the XBOX360 / PS3 marketspace is still where the vast majority of High Definition DVD entertainment will occur, and no doubt the DVD's will be positioned right next to the Games when the shelf space in stores is made available.

However, since the movies and players will appear before the game machines with High Def DVDs in them, i'm sure we shall see yet more anticipation fervor that will not likely abate for months still...

On another note, i sincerely hope that the 1080i/1080p format in either world of HD-DVD or Blu-ray, will get the independent filmmaker juiced to deliver some stunning and unique work.